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Organic & Pure Gulkhand Honey 250gm

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Khane Ke Baad Kuch Sehad Hojaye

Some key benefits of Gulkand honey

Natural body coolant

Combat Stomach Problems

Relives Constipation among Kids

Treats Nosebleed in kids

Boosts Energy Level


combat Acidity

Mouth Ulcers

Tonic for your body

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Product Details

Gulkand Honey is a combination of Gul means (Rose) Kand means (Sweet). You can use any sweetner to prepare Gulkand , but the most powerful & natural way is Honey.  So its Gulkand honey.

As Rose is a symbol of love and sweet increases the love in tradition. Gulkandhoney is prepared with especially pink rose petals.

It has been in Indian tradition for many years and its nothing new knowing its Ayurvedic properties

Organic & Pure Gaonkideal Gulkhand honey is specially designed to satisfy the carving for sweets after lunch or diner. The whole process takes more than a year before you order the product. It is process with natural Rose petals and organic honey. Rose petals are dipped in organic honey for one year. So if your branin carve for sweets after any dish. Go for Gaonkideal Gulkhand honey. Its healthy & Pure.

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