Welcome you to Gaonkideal!

Welcome To Gaonkideal

In the world of Adulteration, Gaonkideal is an initiative to introduce well known authentic rural products & other pure products to Urban habitants. We benevolently request to use at least one organic product in your daily life & you can start from Organic Turmeric (Haldi) if possible. We work with small farmers, mostly in Odisha, to create a sustainable marketing and distribution channel for their produce. We are focusing on enhancing rural women entrepreneurship & livelihood by creating a sustainable market keeping Quality as one & only policy.

With every purchase of Gaonkideal products, you support our initiatives to uplift the lives of farmers & rural entrepreneurs of India. Your feedback is necessary for improving & adding new products. We highly appreciate your participation for any feedback and new product suggestion under contact us & the best suggestion will be always rewarded with token of appreciation/gift from rural entrepreneur desk Please share the website with your near & dear so we can make the world more healthier place to live.